Due to the new sanitary rules, the client Wolf experience cannot be optimal. In this particular context, we prefer to close till end of August. See you soon.
Close till end of August. See you soon

The food Hub

Organic market is a partnership between WOLF, The Food Hub and Atelier Groot Eiland.The Food Hub offers a wide selection of high quality biological products. The Food Hub targets to create a food economy, that is economically sustainable, resilient, transparent and dynamic, based on the principles of fair trade. A fundamental is the long term partnerships with local, Belgian and European farmers, who practice regenerative agriculture, and have socio-economic and environmental objectives.


The Food Hub works with small producers under the second pillar of the sustainable agriculture system. Smallholders grow more bio diversity, more food per hectare, create more jobs per hectare and invest in local economies. Their soils contain more fertile carbon with more efficient water management.
Transparency is key. The price tags clearly indicate the part reserved for the producers, the VAT, the price of the transport and the remuneration of The Food Hub, for a total transparency of the price.