Suite aux nouvelles décisions sanitaires, nous estimons que l’expérience Wolf ne peut plus être optimale pour nos clients. Dans ce contexte nous serons fermés dès ce 3/08 et ce jusqu’à la fin du mois. À tout bientôt.
Close till end of August. See you soon


Thierry Noessen is a truly passionate man. Living every day as if it was the last. Simply, passionate by chocolate and with huuuge respect for the handcrafters working with obtain the best, to always improve and to stand out for quality. For the sake of those moments of perfection to happen in a more accessible way. He regularly supports ecologically responsible artisans AND cacao plantations. Pioneering in 100% organic chocolate. He encourages responsible culture, with an interest in optimizing the ban on genetically At WOLF it’s the cacao bean that sparkles the aromas sublimed for an exceptional chocolate. From bean to bar.