Opening Autumn 2019

The Pack

Pascal Van Hamme: full foodies

When Pascal isn’t sailing on a boat, Pascal is a Robinson. He lives from outweres. On his island. Where he founded le Chalet Robinson. Pascal.

Pascal is a true entrepreneur, captain. We owe him Le Mess, Enjoy, Le Vaudeville… and a good twenty event locations.

But Pascal first and foremost is a chef, who’s fond of fine, quality products. His expertise is brought to indulge WOLF’s quality chefs and kitchens.

Thierry Goor: trend innovator

An entrepreneur, passionate about new trends, by new products, by communications and
marketing. Without a doubt, his love for design and architecture is recognizable throughout
his works. Accountable for many senses of aesthetic in a diversity of expressions.
At the peak of a career in marketing communications, he is accountable for much of the
opening of the first Market Hall in Brussels. Thanks to a close redemption and redefinition of

the way we consume. By bringing together passionate foodies and handcrafters of
responsible products. By yielding priority to a circular, local economy.
Thierry composed a roundtable and brought together the different partners, in what first
could be considered as a fantastic, human adventure.

Sebastiaan Vandevoorde: numbers and letters

Sebastiaan is a baguette maestro. A keyboard artist. With a marketing experience and a pragmatic insight.

But he’s also a fantastic taster. He looks for diversity in world cuisine. Refreshing gastronomy experiences. Drink included.

He travelled throughout Europe to understand markets. To analyse and taste, and drew out the foundations of the WOLF market.

Paul and Michel Haelterman: entrepreneurs thirst

Paul and Michel are the directors of one of de biggest beverage distribution in Belgium.

They advice hospitality enterprises to settle and give them tips where necessary. And where involved in the project, driven by the same passion for innovation and human adventures. The brothers have developed their own brands of coffee and natural tea. Masalto and Tao.

Lionel Jadot: less is Bore

Under the same title, Lionel can be described as a designer, a sculptor, a filmmaker, a welder, a mechanic, an interior architect?

Lionel is indeed qualified for all of the above, and many more. A maker and creative that turns, reuses, reduces, recycles and brings new life. Or simply shapes objects to life that turn out to match quite unexpectedly.

He is the conceiver.designer that turned this old bank into WOLF. And designed the logotype. A daring designer. With global branches, two books and an exhibition at Grand Hornu for guests to attend.

Mauro Brighman and Nicolas Ntalakidis (NC-BHAM): Culture Club

When a Portuguese and a Greek meet around a passion for architecture, it’s resulting in a multidisciplinary architect bureau with a blend of wild buckets of colours. Mixed colours, with a wide variety joined by extended technical knowledge combined with a feeling voor beautifull things.

Already accomplished, a nice couple of creations such as kitchens and restaurants, named after Nato, Makisu, Axa, BNP-Paribas, Artsen Zonder Grenzen. They will accomplish the difficult task to intertwine and build the different kitchens. With all technical requirements that are related to those. Considering sound and fluid traffic.