Opening Autumn 2019


In 1943, Alfred Chambon started the building of a bank, the siege of the ASLK – Algemene Spaar en Lijfrentekas – where he built a ticket office room. A clerk room.

Remarkably, the construction of the building was then hampered by damp grounds, surrounding the area and therefore slowing down the construction works. The legend says that wolves of the Sonian Forests came to drink there during the 1900s. Hence the name. Rue du Fossé aux Loups. Wolfstreet.

From real wolves to the wolves of wall street, a renewed WOLF opens with a unique experience, where authenticity, quality and passion for handcrafted products are more backgrounds of a responsible lifestyle.

WOLF is the first market hall in the centre of Brussels.

Here a ceiling with ornaments and there; green doors made of bronze